The Most Innovative Workspace of the Year award is given for providing innovative technology-enabling capabilities to the employees and improving the office space in such a way as to provide enhanced work experience and employees collaboration. Aiming at introducing the sustainable approach of managing the work environment, this award will certify not only the most creative interior design, but also the office that promotes the employees well-being, including healthier setting, cost effective and energy saving processes.
Participating in the Most Innovative Workspace of the Year is a great opportunity to showcase your office space an employer branding tool. The winner will be an organisation that created a workspace, which encourages the building positive relations between employees, inspires their happiness, and increases their productivity.
Judges will compare how the companies has performed in the following criteria – design of the workspace in terms of sustainability and usability; introduction of innovative technologies to support the workflow and enhance the collaboration; employees well-being and satisfaction in using and occupying the facility.

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Design in terms of sustainability and usability

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