The Technology Employer of the Year Award is for outstanding management of the company’s most important asset, its PEOPLE, as demonstrated by the company’s LEADERSHIP, HUMAN RESOURCE FOCUS, CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT, BUSINESS RESULTS and CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, consistent with the organization’s long-term objectives.

Is your company:

What % of the company`s costs are attributed to Human Resources, inc. social contributions and benefits

List your offices locations:

No. of Branches/Offices:

Human Resources:

Head office:
Total No of Staff in HR:

Investment in staff training

Justification for the award


Please describe how you involve your leaders and people when developing your business plan and agreeing teams’ and individual objectives.
Please describe your leadership development strategy and programs. Describe how effective leadership looks like within the context of your environment.
How do senior leaders establish and reinforce an environment for empowerment and innovation, and encourage and support organizational and employee learning?

Strategic Human Resources

Human Resources Focus

Continuous Improvement

Please describe how senior management evaluates the investment in people and how these evaluations have resulted in improvements in the organization’s strategy for managing people and improving the performance of the organization?
Give examples of improvements that have been made to the way the organization manages and develops its people.
Describe your Change Management Programs which are aimed at enabling effective response to changes in the environment.

Business Results

Please describe, in specific terms, how your people management practices/programs have positively influenced your overall business competitiveness.
Please describe in specific terms, both quantitatively and qualitatively, the return on your investments in training and developing your people.
How do measure and link HR’s contributions to overall business results?

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

How does your organization, your senior leaders, and your employees actively support and strengthen your key communities? Cite examples of unique programs to enhance corporate social responsibility?
Please describe your CSR projects that have been put in place and how these are sustained.
Describe how your employees are encouraged to get involved in CSR activities.